Easter Service Ministry Script

A Walk Through His Story

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Resurrection Road is a complete, hour long, Easter service that offers you a living, walking tour through the story of Jesus’ last days on earth, his death and his resurrection.  The story is designed to bring the sacrifice of Jesus to life in a way that kids of all ages will understand and remember.  You have invited Stella the Storyteller to your service.  Stella does nothing in a traditional manner.  Her stories come to life and she brings others with her to re-enact every aspect of this life changing event.  She has invited some of his closest friends, and some who were not friendly at all, to tell you what they witnessed.  You will hear from those who knew Jesus best, those who saw his miracles and those who witnessed the wonders of his resurrection.  Stella will help you transform not only your service, but the hearts of your children as well.

  • The Resurrection
  • Faith
  • Miracles 
  • Actors: 8 Adults and a host
  • Audience: All Ages
  • Style: Dramatic Comedy