Empowering Youth

By utilizing Christ's principles, our scripts give ministries the tools needed to help today's youth tackle modern day problems.

Encouraging Kids

We promote creativity and confidence through self-expressive skits the newer generation can relate to.

Energizing leaders

We aim to provide the next generation with the tools necessary to succeed as followers in Christ.
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“Irene is a talented and creative director with abilities ranging from writing small dramas to full stage musical productions.  She is a pleasure to work with and has an eye for what it takes to create professional stage shows.  You won’t be disappointed with her final product!”

David Stephens | Creative Arts Director | Connection Church | Canton, MI

"I worked with Irene on several stage productions doing everything from big budget Christmas productions and children’s plays to message illustration dramas and Vacation Bible School.  Her creative vision and ability to bring to life a story in her script writing, directing and producing is nothing short of amazing!" 

James Brown | Executive Pastor of Worship and Creative | Anchor Church | McKinney, Texas

"Irene Armesto's picture should be next to the word 'creative' in the dictionary.  We've used her scripts for adults, youth, and children and they are always creative, compelling, Christ-centered and really hit the mark!"

Rocky Barra | Lead Pastor of Connection Church | Canton, MI

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