youth ministry christmas skit

A Perfect Neighborhood

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The Christianson family has always tried to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas by keeping it as simple as possible.  Their daughter, Kelly, is miserable because she believes hers is the only family in their “perfect” neighborhood that does not go “all out” for Christmas.  Kelly is convinced that unless a miracle happens, their family Christmas celebrations are doomed to be boring forever.  But Christmas Eve is the time for miracles to happen.  When the new youth choir director suddenly shows up with a group of carolers, Kelly is taken on a journey that changes her perspective of Christmas forever.  As she magically gets a glimpse into the lives of her neighbors, she realizes Christmas is not about the lights and decorations.  She understands for the first time that what appears to be a perfect neighborhood isn’t so perfect after all and that the true meaning of Christmas is found through the birth of Jesus.

  • Christmas Spirit
  • Birth of Jesus
  • Accepting one another 
  • Actors: 25+
    • 2 leads, 17 speaking parts, optional background choir
    • Written for Kids/Teens, however can be used as church production
  • Audience: All Ages
  • Style: Dramatic Comedy